May 1, 2009

UR SUPERMODELS 2009 "Spring Romance" Fashion Show

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Guests were greeted by a horse drawn carriage aligned red carpet, sky tracker, at the steps of the NewBerry Library, while upon entrance, enjoying champagne, & nibbles, ballet dancers, live music artist & more...
The promo video below is courtesy of Hair & Clothing TV that captured the main portion of the show. Thank you to FOX NEWS Tera Williams for walking for the Yana collection.

tera williams FOX NEWS journalist-

Special Feature of Sydney, Australia Designer Clinton Charlie to appear in the URSM Show. We normally do not highlight denim in UR fashion, however, the snug, clean, fit of Clinton Charlie, made us where we can't resist. The "AS SEEN IN AUSTRALIAN VOGUE" Designer supports us right back as seen below: