October 7, 2009


Our concierge service, Red Carpet Concierge has asked Asha Spacek to join Sandy's (founder) team as creative director. Red Carpet- an international avenue for news, entertainment, and referral of services and celeb appearances- has referenced UR SuperModels in their feature write up. This will not only give Asha more responsibility, but also allow access to mingle amongst many locally, nationally, and internationally.

Asha will strongly refer prominent artists, talent, and services to Red Carpet she feels has proven to be a strong representation of Chicago, as well as extended markets. Her intent is to design ad campaigns, events, and help design innovative concepts with traditional values to Red Carpet. She is quite honored and thrilled about the opportunity not only for her and UR SuperModels, but to bring awareness to those loyal to these ideas.


Asha is scheduled to do an extended photo shoot for the website with a feature page covering international news and UR events.

Red Carpet has just launched a 24hr on call beauty service. UR Artists will have the opportunity to interview and refer for these positions.