March 16, 2010

LINDSAY- 2009 SEXIEST WOMAN- International Talent Magazine

It's officially HERE! UR Glamour/Print Model Lindsay Gillen receives her first career COVER feature along with a write up inside.

URSM has been working with Lindsay to revamp all her natural assets like her eye popping eyes, her strong cheek bones, and her bubbly, commercial driven personality that most close to her know her for. Usually seen in ads like LA TAN, formerly the LFL (Lingerie Football League), & other sexy, ads and commercials, we have decided to aim neck up and show off Lindsay's speaking voice, commercial and acting just to switch things up a bit. It does not mean the 2 pieces are gone forever, but for now she is having fun with a splash of cover...we mean, color...!

image released courtesy of Alex Goykhman
print/online magazine based in Australia but worldly features. lindsay's UR profile