June 2, 2010

Chicago Sun-Times Writer, Sue Ontiveros Details Benefits to Sheanetics

image courtesy of Tom Cruze- Sun Times Media

June, 2010 No offense, but this is like old school journalism- a FULL story with details, supporting opinions, facts, a sprinkle of "water cooler gossip," and even a truthful and updated photo- oh boy!

Thank you so much to Chicago Sun Times writer, Sue Ontiveros who really took the time to give all the hardcore facts about the Sheanetics program. Ontiveros experienced a class, studied the CD/DVD set, and revealed the true emotion and feelings of some of Shea's ongoing students. Not JUST your expected stay at home moms, but pro athletes (golfers, b-ballers, even NFL players and wives) verify how this revolutionary program has either changed their lives, or enhances their physical conditioning.

And not just the pros, but novice, injured, and older persons enjoy strengthening their tri- core bodies using Sheanetics, taught by Shea Vaughn (not just mother to actor Vince Vaughn), but UR SuperModels emerging Health/Wellness Spokes Model. Paying attention to the importance of story return to the person being written about, Sue was conscience to include where Shea teaches, a link to her website, as well as a genuine compliment.

Links to Sue Ontiveros write ups:

Shea pictured (above) teaching at MidTown Athletic Club in Bannockburn