July 13, 2010

Artistic Director & Ceo/Founder Asha Spacek featured in TPE business blog feature

July, 2010 -Featured in Readers Digest, NBC, ABC, NY Times, US News & numerous tv & corporate appearances, The Toilet Entrepreneur (TPE) Blog is certainly making AND HELPING make headlines!

UR SuperModels artistic director & ceo/founder Asha Spacek, was JUST featured in its latest 100 business tips for developing entrepreneurs. She has become an approved contributor to the new power blog, & her 1st listing is as follows:


Owner & risk taker, Mike Michalowicz was recently in town speaking at the Ebay seminar. He was kind enough to touch base with Asha during his trip-how genuine!

Michael's bio: http://www.toiletpaperentrepreneur.com/author/index.php

asha spacek wearing a jsn design