November 22, 2010

THIS JUST IN!!! SKATING WITH THE STARS PREMIERE Tonight on ABC, then on the Red Carpet Page from UR SuperModels, Asha Spacek

November 22, 2010- Many of you may not know, that UR SuperModels artistic director & ceo/founder,Asha Spacek, was asked almost a year ago to be Fashion Correspondent, appointed title, "It Happens With Asha," and partial creative director for Red Carpet Concierge Chicago. While both groups are channeling new ideas about RCC's future, Asha learns how a successful correspondent never turns down a superb "THIS JUST IN" story!

see below as we take a portion of her featured coverage from the Red Carpet Webzine-

Time: November 22, 2010 at 9/8pmcentral

From the desk of "It Happens With Asha,"

Check out the Red Carpet Page tomorrow, after my morning interview with local Celebrity Olympians Melissa Gregory and husband/partner Denis Petukhov after Denis' PREMIERE TONIGHT on "Skating With the Stars" scheduled at 9/8pm central on ABC. The show takes over our tubes and laptops as the same producers of DWTS showcase celebrity favorites paired with pro skaters. Sean Young, seen in the movie, "Blade Runner," and trained dancer at the school of American Ballet in New York will partner with Petukhov, while Melissa will give behind the scenes (in LA) from an Olympians point of view via her utube channel, click here:

Melissa (raised in Northfield, IL), and Denis (originally from Russia), placed 2nd during the State Farm US Figure Skating Championships January 26, 2007 at Spokane Arena in Spokane, Washington.

"Their artistic flare is an understatement! I was honored to not only receive information about the power couple, but then offered the opportunity to interview Melissa tonight, or the two tomorrow, I can hardly wait to report after watching online at!"

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