July 13, 2011

LOOK WHAT WE FOUND! A new video: "The Valentino of Pakistan"

Known as "The Valentino of Pakistan," Umar Sayeed
has launched a strong and impressive presence of haute couture and elegance here in the United States. In addition to a few of the designers' international muses, UR SuperModels was the exclusive management [locally] to provide models for the event footage- what an honor! He was a delight backstage with the models, production, and even our artistic director Asha Spacek, that assisted in direction and event choreography with the help of Yana German. Enjoy the video below- don't forget to browse collections, upcoming events, and inquiries at: http://umarsayeed.net/

In the news segment seen below, most of the models featured were of UR SuperModels during Umar Sayeed's collection shown here in Illinois along with designer Shamaeel Ansari at the Fall 2010 Annual Hamdard Gala, produced by Design Studio.

About Umar Sayeed:

The fashion heavy-weight, Umar Sayeed has been on the global fashion radar for the last 20 years, a name with instant worldwide recognition is synonymous with ultra-chic and understated glamour; hence he is one of the biggest designers to hail from the Sub-Continent. A rolodex full of high-profile clientele, from the first lady Mrs. Sehba Musharraf to Mrs. Fouzia Gillani, the wife of current Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani, Umar has raised the bar of fashion in Pakistan, India, Middle-East and Europe. Umar Sayeed now hits the stands in North America. Umar has not only been an unvarying nominee since the birth of the Lux Style Awards, which is the most prestigious fashion and entertainment award, but has also won the award three times for best designer in 2002, 2004 and 2005.

Watch Video Here:


event known; interview unknown: hamdard gala 2010
designer website: Umar Sayeed http://umarsayeed.net/
production company: Design Studio
booking management: UR SuperModels ursupermodels.com
video credit: Latino MSN-NBC (Telemundo Network)
source: bing videos taken from sayeed site
about sayeed section: portion taken from designer site

Below take a peek back at some of our fav photos from the event! Photos courtesy of event photographer Conrad Castelo- UR Artists at ursupermodels.com

umar sayeed w/ur supermodels yelena fedorchenko

w/design studio producer