September 11, 2011

UR SUPERMODELS 2010 Health/Wellness Spokes Model  & Celebrity Mom Shea Vaughn (to actor Vince Vaughn) launches her NEW WELLNESS BOOK!
Not only did UR SuperModels have fun watching her stretch, core-tone, and slim down some of our UR Artists, models, and even guests of UR's 2010 showcase, "Wild Orchid WorldWide," but also fell in love with her amazing "5 living principles," which is explained in the book using her trademarked, Sheanetics fitness and wellness regime. 

UR SuperModels Artistic Director, Asha Spacek worked closely with Vaughn in image styling for photo shoots, editorials (as seen in above image), industry events and fashion introductions, while Shea evoked a new way of balance and wellness amongst URSM's fashion family onset, backstage, and even to set a better tone on the runway!  

The book is currently in Pre-Sell and premieres this October 2011. 
More Info below-

"Shea Vaughn's BreakthroughThe 5 Living Principles to Defeat Stress, Look Great, and Find Total Well-Being" (Paperback)

Whether it's in work, love, mind, or body, many women feel like they are spinning their wheels, making empty promises to themselves, and failing to live up to their own expectations. Something is missing and nothing is clicking. Their breakthrough, their advancement, and achievement over their status quo has yet to come. 
240 pp. 

Available at BOOKS-A-MILLION  click here to purchase

interview/book shea

photo credit: December 2009- FCM Magazine 
editorial stylist/model manager: Asha Spacek

book asha

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