August 1, 2009

Letter From Asha...

"Although we are just a new 'boutique style' agency & basic model management, we just like to have fun!" There is a lot of competition that takes place behind fashion walls when there is no need. There is more than enough space in the world to create whatever your heart desires. This is my passion- my life, my everything- sad, but true, haha! Some try and say, we are doing big things like big agencies and attempt to compare. There is no comparison. I hold a HUGE regard for this industry, and never want to be compared or compete with anyone. I do things (crazy sometimes I know) the way they just pop into my little brain. I either use my team to make it happen, or just do it on my own. I don't care about titles- oh, I'm the boss, so I am not supposed to do this or that. I don't even refer to myself as that. Know one even knew, I was the one behind the scenes all the time producing, styling, whatever it took, until recently. I finally decided to attach myself to what I was doing since others were taking credit for me. I even got mistaken for the crew at one of our events, at one of the biggest venues here in Chicago last year, haha. I was backstage, no makeup, comfy clothes, and sweating like a pig!
I understand not everyone will want to attach themselves to something new and creative, but even for being the new kids on the block, we aren't doing so awful. We have had a recent stream of rumors, industry spying on our work, and even a few sabotaged moments- I responded, 'YES', now I know we are on the right track- or starting to, at least when you are being talked about. I can not even compete with the big agencies- IMG, NEXT- agencies like them have earned everything in this fashion world, and have created anything possible for little private, creative groups like us. We grow and develop every day. We do not make any promises, and yes, we will make mistakes. We are very new (barely have even officially launched), but very driven. People think based on our clients/sponsors, press/events, or our staff of make up, hair, fitness trainers, and the like- that we have been around longer- no, we are still virtual even, and setting up our basic foundation so that we can be around for a long time. Our audience will see changes in deliverance, staff, heck, even models, all the time. And you know what- that's ok, haha! We aren't corporate, so we can almost do what our little hearts desire, hehe. We are still testing the waters, and seeing what works. We are branding. Nothing more, nothing less..."
Asha Spacek
UR SuperModels