August 1, 2009

UR SuperModels...NOT SO CRAZY, huh?!

-image courtesy of Red Carpet Concierge of Chicago

Some thought Ceo/Founder Asha Spacek was nuts for wanting to submit UR SuperModels Agency as the FIRST American model agency to send models to Dubai Fashion Fiesta Week this year. After 6 months of building relationship with the emirates, they finally accepted a single model from 40 UR applicants. Perhaps now there is less doubt of her decision with this concept of Trump Towers International (recently released), concept design for Dubai just released -steps away from where UR model Jessica Meyer walked on the runway this Summer at the UAE 's World Trade Center. Dubai is world known for their lavish lifestyle, superb fashion, and 5&7 star hotels. US hotels are 2-4star. Jessica was interviewed by media from around the globe as she was one of few models who even spoke the English language :)