September 9, 2009

UR male models start to get notice...

For quite a few months now, the buzz has been circling about UR male models. Their being good looking, charming, and very down to earth, AND reliable, has industry talking. Part time UR Supermodels' Tony Giamberduca is currently featured on Nicholas Joseph Custom Suits website! We realized yesterday, the campaign was on the website of the euro inspired designer/tailor of fab suits!!! It is the 2nd image that loads on the page (wearing light colored suit & cap). UR has worked with NJ for over a yr in UR fashion shows at the NewBerry Library Spring 2009 & the Terra Museum of American Art in 2008. This is our 1st online ad campaign with the NJ. Their construction, tailored fit, and unique style definitely as a male or woman, make you turn and say, "wow, what a great suit..."
Great job Tony!!!