September 3, 2009

UR SuperModels Ceo/Founder Asked To Speak at Naperville Fashion Week

image later updated courtesy of Fashion Week Naperville

UR's boutique agency founded by Asha Spacek, has been asked to host workshop alongside Julie Darling, at the "Best in the Biz," 2009 Naperville Fashion Week.
Extremely honored and excited, Asha will explain to models what scouts/agencies look for in models, go over core elements in developing as a model, true expectations in this industry, and other crucial topics in today's local & global market.
What has earned her the right as an infant agency? UR SuperModels may be new to the scene- still forming its foundation- ink has barely dried on their business accounts- haha, however, they have quickly proven creative marketing strategies in branding their name. They are not afraid of risks, and even putting fresh faces out there, that other agencies wouldn't dare! And rightfully so...agencies around for years (even older than Asha herself) have a huge liability- even investors or corporate hierarchy that must oblige. With UR, there is only one person- Asha, herself. She is very hands on, and experiences things from the perspective of the model, the makeup artist, photographer, the client, even the parents of models. She may not be experienced within her new baby management ideas, however, she has a background from seeing level of the client, the model, and the audience.
This type of agency will not be for everyone; but for those who don't mind being "out there," and hard work, since non-exclusive, it really doesn't hinder a model's career. Many UR models in 6 months or less have tear sheets, small ads, fashion show experience, and face time with various companies/designers. This may not translate to dollars immediately, but what model market does? We all must pay dues, build our portfolio, and crawl before we walk or leap.
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