November 29, 2011


asha spacek poses this october with ad after hired drake event

October 2011- So it was almost one year ago, UR SuperModels Artistic Director, Asha Spacek produced the Winter 2010/2011 ad campaign for Oak Street furrier, Fabbri Furs. Since published by TCW Magazine in January 2011,  the "face" imagery has become Fabbri's full window display (seen above) at the historic, Drake Hotel since late Spring/Early Fall. A highly desired [and rarely available] window space facing stores like Louis Vuitton and Bloomingdale's, UR SuperModels is quite honored to allow emerging artists such an opportunity to work on this last minute, turned ongoing, campaign. Located on the infamous Walton Street in Chicago, such window rentals [shared by those as Chanel] have not become available for decades. "The ad is doing very well- and getting great feedback," confirmed Drake's Palm Court Manager, Shaun Rajah. 

Fabbri Furs couldn't have taken boutique space at 50 East Oak Street (approximately one block from the Drake hotel) at a better time! They are right across the street from the NEW Hermes Boutique at 25 East Oak & the NEW Barney's New York Chicago at 15 East Oak Street, while neighbors include stores like Prada, Harry Winston, Jimmy Choo, and the list goes on. As if this were not enough shopper's nirvana, the 900 North Shops and Water Tower Place are simply a skip away.

raw side angle of fabbri furs ad at drake
Unfortunately the team Asha put together on this project have since taken projects in other cities like New York City after the ad release, but everyone still shares the return exposure and benefits, even the now released model at that time.

Asha Spacek responds: "I am always looking to develop and build our UR Artists Division as Chicago has such amazing talent that simply need to discover their niche, grooming from schooling into business reality, and chance- they can do it, if someone will let them! I decide talent based on passion, will, and the ability to take direction. It's not always the resume that speaks to me, but the vision behind their talent; their yearning (not desperation)  for growth. 
Usually I am contracted for like opportunities due to my built- sometimes pushy- {she laughs} relationships created with my clients- usually by referral, or by them seeing something out there, that we have done. I am a one-on-one type of person, and businesses miss that these days. If clients need to call me at 10pm to remind me of their idea or concern, in order to feel better, I let them. I don't put them through to 5 people and 10 voicemails- I take full responsibility from start to finish, so whoever I insert along the way, they trust that I have either faith, developed, or entrusted the team for hire already as if it were my personal brand. The UR team feels married to each project, and sometimes it takes counseling [even separation or divorce] to repair the relationship, lol; but in the end, there is mutual loyalty, respect, and appreciation of opportunity for all."

fun photo of model "unveiling" ursm* credit on ad

Fabbri has since branded themselves as a creatively unique furrier, in which the boutique and its local and international designers have impressed their high profile clientele. As young entrepreneurs, owners Sergio & Brian, along with Asha share very similar business practices in being innovative yet personable, and despite being boutique companies, project superlative expectations while maintaining qualified inner circles of a big company. Neither are afraid to take risks- even at their own expense- to save long term brand imagery and quality service to its clients. UR SuperModels and Fabbri Furs are in discussion for future projects. The same campaign can now be seen on the website's homepage as well. Asha's specific roles in the campaign were producer, creative director, art director, and stylist-

after working a designer event at drake, models^ pose w/asha

about the drake (source: wikipedia):

The Drake was one of just two United States hotels that were owned by Hilton International (which owns the Hilton brand outside the United States). In 2006, Hilton Hotels Corporation acquired Hilton International, and The Drake became part of the Hilton Hotels Corporation and The Hilton Family of Hotels.

Notable visitors

The Drake has been frequented by many heads of state, assorted celebrities, international personalities and members of the European aristocracy, some as long-term residents. Notable guests have included Winston Churchill, Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales (albeit 19 years apart), Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland, Hugh Hefner, Owe Lundberg, Frank Sinatra, the Marchese and Marchesa Chiaramonte-Ragusa. Prince Felix Yusupov, and Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko. Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe carved their initials into the wooden bar of the Cape Cod Room.[5] Diana, Princess of Wales stayed at the Drake Hotel during her only visit to Chicago in 1996, one year before her death. (from drake website): Since the 1920s, The Drake has inspired more legendary acclaim than any hotel in the country. This historic property affords guests easy access to the city's most exclusive shopping, nightlife, and dining.  read more about the history of the drake here:
*ursm is a sometimes abbreviation for ur supermodels to avoid redundancy or written space
:this entry was potentially created by more than one party as quarterly updates are made to keep events current - ursm admin
^pictured new face models are walden kay (left); chloe lynne (right); asha spacek (center): amateur photo


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