November 1, 2011

Developing UR SUPERMODELS Also Make November Issue- Oh Boy...& Girl!

November 2011- Everyone is swooning over 'developing' cutie & quirky firecracker, Walden Kay, seen above. Here she appears on the Editorial Title Page of FCM Magazine (UR SuperModels mandi has COVER), also shot by Italy based photographer, Alessandro Mari brought in by the mag and creatively styled by UR SuperModels, Asha Spacek-

side 2 of jason patrick tearsheet nov 2011 issue

ur supermodels alec michael shea rights of FCM Magazine
UR boys were the talk of the issue! Jason Patrick has been making a staple as a new UR Artists Division hairstylist, BUT LET's NOT 4get, his first love is modeling! He looks fetching [seen below] as new face Alec Michael Shea appears simply fashion forward, yet so Euro friendly-

Oh...the handsome gents wear Ralph Lauren [jason] and Calvin Klein [alec] suits pulled via Lord & Taylor of NorthBrook Court

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