February 12, 2010

Asha Spacek, ceo/founder of URSM on Talk Radio TODAY!

asha here with lead designer Jason Duvall for JSN (shifting from avant garde to manufacturing) last month at Haiti fundraiser. asha is wearing a JSN original

UR SuperModels' Ceo/Founder Asha Spacek, is quickly becoming referred to as THE fashion expert and role model for not only emerging models, but the industry itself as she fights daily to get exposure for artists of all kinds- designers, painters, performance artists, etc. Even at times risking her own name by controversy (aka opinion we like to say here at URSM), Asha has taken a break from the big names to help her local finds REALLY get out there! Sometimes paused by being a "newbie" or lack of a million employees or funds like some, Asha still finds a way -or practically dies trying. We are thrilled to see many are catching on and noticing that there IS great work being done in this crazy industry. UR is the first management/agency locally to aggressively and publicly promote in-house designers.

Asha will be featured as a special guest for 30mins 9amPST on the "Good Morning with Cathy," from Las Vegas.