February 20, 2010

FC Magazine Invited 2 Private Showing- LONDON FASHION WEEK 2010

Our friend, Fashion Chicago Magazine was first invited to cover/write about Valencia Fashion Week last year (all expenses paid to Valencia) for Spring 2010 in 2009, and NOW his London Writer, has been invited to cover/write for the CURRENT Fall 2010 London Fashion Week.

We are thrilled our model Alexandra Rubio is the FACE/COVER model for the mag, along with 6 other UR SuperModels that are part of FC Mag's editorial models.

Below is partial statement from the announcement:

"Hello Everyone:

I want to thank you for your hard work. Our writer Tanisha Jade Sakhawat, aka London Fashionista will be covering London Fashion Week on Monday Feb. 22, 2010. She will attend the private showing of Fashion designer Ioannis’ Dimitrousis Fall/Winter 2010 collection. The designer will be featured in our March issue http://www.ioannisdimitrousis.com"

alexandra rubio seen here in Fashion Chicago Magazine's Special Lingerie Edition- February 2010