February 17, 2010

UR SuperModels 12 Models - MICHIGAN AVENUE WINDOW AD- Mali Jewelry & Accessories

WE'RE SO EXCITED- there isn't another window campaign of this magnitude for model features here - so although much more work to do, its a SUPERB start to 2010!

below are SELECT images from the 12 UR SuperModels part of the Window Ad Campaign. Shea Vaughn, URSM's Celebrity Health/Wellness Spokes Model is also part of the sequence

ur fashion/print model yelena fedorchenko

ur print/glamour model lindsay gillen

ur junior model alyssa

ur print/commercial/glamour model ali ferrell

60 inch Flat Screen, down the street from the Chicago Art Institute & Millenium Park, next door to StarBucks, across the street from the FOXNEWS building, on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Lake Street displays 11 models from UR SuperModels in a 24/7 VIDEO AD CAMPAIGN in the window of Mali Jewelry- a unique accessories and jewelry store at 204 North Michigan Ave.

The video is still slightly under construction with 10 models Live as we speak- Alexandra Coming Soon...our logo will be enlarged, and the sequence will be better executed between now and when the owner, Brian Schaps returns from his 3 week voyage of finding more precious finds for his well established Michigan Ave store. Not only a tourist stop when in Chicago, but Mali has provided pieces near and far to many regular clients to local celebs for quite a while now.

UR SuperModels was hired to fully produce the images for the campaign- and this is just round one of many window appearances for the ever changing store. We were not all in one accord (as most artists/clients) , but it certainly makes a "wow" statement playing in the window at an extreme major intersection in Chicago. This "loop" area of town is home to many downtown business people commuting to/from work, students to the business and art schools nearby, and even down from the outdoor skating rink of Grant Park. This is also where our commuter lines meet for trains, cabs, and nearby Magnificent Mile shopping, hotels, restaurants, and lavish nightlife.

So next time you take a stroll down Michigan ave, or heck, take a special trip to see UR SuperModels: Alyssa, Jessica, Yelena, Lindsay, Maggie, Brianna, Ali, Lisa, Jen-Yi, Alexandra (coming soon) & 2010 Celebrity Health/Wellness Spokes Model Shea Vaughn in the window. A great BIG thank you to our artists: Sarah Squire (mua/asst. director), Juan Jose Herrera (hair stylist/director), Steven PapaGeorge Salon for hair & makeup, "MQ" Five Rivers Chicago (photographer) Edward Estrada (photographer), JHunter Design (graphic designer -Sydney AUS), Plus couture emerging designers: JSN, Hector Javier- Monarrez (Driehaus Award Winner), & Heather Albert for wardrobe -

Creative Director: Asha Spacek, ceo/founder UR SuperModels INC. www.ursupermodels.com www.malijewelry.com

the current ad on the door was also previously produced by URSM earlier this year-