October 6, 2011

Italian Fashion Photographer Comes to Chicago- Asha Spacek Styles UR SUPERMODELS For Fall Editorials

October 2011- Alessandro Mari, photographer from Italy visits Chicago to shoot Fall/Winter editorials for FCM Magazine, using Asha Spacek as editorial and cover stylist. Asha uses mostly couture designers and UR Artists Division to style UR SuperModels & LA model

Asha Spacek, emerging style expert, artistic director and founder of UR SUPERMODELS, INC., jumped at the opportunity to submit the company's fashion and glamour lifestyle models for this beneficial branding experience.  Not only were UR SuperModels booked for editorial title pages, a cover, and filler content, the UR Artists Division, includes Asha Spacek as creative stylist, to collaborate during Mari's trip to Chicago from Italy. Asha created all 'head to toe' looks, booking and directing hair and makeup artists, all use of accessories, and wardrobe selection not only UR SuperModels, but Victoria Yasemin, an FCM model flying in from LA.

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Publisher will use images for October, November, and December 2011 issues.
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Check out Behind the Scene photos Alessandro surprisingly snapped (as in, most of us had NO idea he took a photo) while working! You get a cool sense of everyone's team work, joy to be there, and feel goodness...is that a word?! haha

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above photo credits:
hair: juan jose herrera- ur artists
makeup: cherie gill- london eyes inc
wardrobe: theirry roger courtier
necklace: mali jewelry
creative stylist: asha spacek
model: gina alva- ur supermodels
photographer: alessandro mari- photo will be title page/editorial
source: fcm magazine
slideshow: alessandro mari personal iphone images

HERE ARE SOME MAGAZINE OUTTAKES Alessandro posted 2 enjoy (images are unedited):


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