October 13, 2011

UR SuperModels Gina Appears on, "WINDY CITY LIVE" Show!

behind scenes recent fcm photo shoot

October 13, 2011- Celebrating her new look, UR SuperModels Glamour/Print/Fashion Lifestyle model Gina Alva, appeared on today's 'Windy City Live,' as a costumed nurse, to bring glee to host, Ryan Chiaverini, recovering from hip surgery. Windy City Live took the slot of, 'The Oprah Winfrey Show.'

Alva appears in the show's opening (on the left) in the video below! Gina has always had such amazing in-person and on-camera charisma, mixed with high end glam- she lights up a room.

"OMG, EVERYONE loves Gina's bubbly personality, artistic director of URSM Asha Spacek blushes. How can you not? She walks into a room [usually in Gucci or Louboutin, and let's not omit killer abs and legs] and lights it up; she is also very funny. She always gives our clients 200%; her loyalty is priceless, and she always looks fabulous! Modeling, luxury, commitment, and business, are part of her everyday lifestyle. She is also an entrepreneur [owner of Gina Marie Hair, a high end hair extension company]- she is very smart, and we are honored she says she will be managed by UR SuperModels as long as we will have her! She has been a talent of ours over 2 years, and we love her- I wish more models had her personality and appreciation of building a brand image."

See Gina from 5:29 to 7:24 on the segment here. Notice how without breaking character, she still manages to be conscience of her angles, posture, and gravitating poise:

hosts: Valerie Warner & [fill-in] Roe Conn
outfit: fantasycostumes.com
model: Gina Alva- UR SuperModels
segment c/o: Windy City Live website 
*ursm is an abbreviation for ur supermodels

Enjoy recent raw outtake images released by Alessandro Mari, italian photographer that recently shot Gina for FCM Magazine.

all rights reserved. UR SUPERMODELS INC.

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