October 6, 2011

UR SuperModels Support Asha Spacek in Winning "Outstanding Fashion & Business Award"

see videos and images below from event

2nd Annual Outstanding Business & Fashion Awards Presented by Red Carpet Concierge of Chicago, hosted at the 400,000 square foot Grossinger Auto Plex on September 25, 2011 awarded Asha Spacek, Artistic Director & Founder of UR SuperModels. 

The 'Contributing to Outstanding Business Ethics & Achievements Award' named her for her "It Happens with Asha" business ethic and her achievement in unique fashion production- specifically the 10 model video window and print ad campaign in the window of Mali Jewelry at 204 North Michigan Avenue. Spacek fully produced, directed, and styled the campaign over a year ago with unfortunately some models and artists not still around to share in this honor. 

Asha chooses to speak openly about what this means to her:
"Success does not happen over night, Asha replies, however, many younger people think life happens as it does on reality television! Even prior to this award, I suppose [on this project] giving an opportunity to artists/models to see their work 24/7 as you walk, drive, bus, and taxi by on a major tourist street in Chicago, across from a major news station, our city's business district, and even next to Starbuck's for talent that not even 6 months prior knew what a portfolio was [as it was non-existent] still isn't enough! No matter how much you invest personally -with the freedom of the internet sometimes- you can be on top today and thrown under the bus tomorrow, lol, so to have Sandy from Red Carpet still remember AND rave about seeing the images from across the street, really touched me. She has seen a lot in this city, not to mention world wide, so I know she was not blowing smoke. I am grateful- I am adjusting to compliments in an industry filled with ridicule- but I LOVE IT- I will die with fashion and style being my life! Overall I am respected for what I do, but of course a few things will always bother you. If I gave up a husband for it, you know I won't let naysayers or competitive copiers get in my way, lol. I am speaking out finally- openly- because I want future women...young girls to understand adversity never means failure; it means due triumph, as mentioned in the bible."

See one of Asha's interviews (1:24-1:53) with UR SuperModels by her side, showcasing client Mali Jewelry & Thierry Roger Courtier.  
Footage is courtesy of FullCircleTV:

Asha asks Fashion, Beauty & Print/Commercial Division models to go up & accept the award with her! A snipit of her acceptance is featured in event promo video at: (:26-31secs)
note: other models on video are not represented or were booked courtesy of ur supermodels

Event photos with guests can be seen here (a few of our FAVS are below):

junior fashion model ania
asha w/designer thierry roger
jr print/commercial/swim model alex w
jr fashion/commercial chloe lynne

jr fashion runway/print ania
junior beauty/commercial isabella
ur supermodels w/miss teen OSA
River North Garden Walk Association
FullCircleTV one of many interviews
ur artists prepped ur supermodels
...& made sure they stayed camera ready!
Asha Spacek (center) w/UR SuperModels

Fashion Division Jason Patrick & Gina Alva
UR Artists Division
kayra & cherie (muas)
jason patrick & darion denise (hair)
& event photographer conrad castelo
event stylist for models: asha spacek
wardrobe: malijewelry.com & thierryroger.com
2nd Outstanding Business & Fashion Awards- redcarpetconciergeofchicago.com

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