January 28, 2010

Asha Spacek of UR SuperModels- Double DUTY for YELP? c/o Red Carpet Concierge of Chicago

check out the article @ the YELP.com's Shedd Aquarium event last week- written by the CEO/Founder of UR SuperModels- Asha Spacek. Asha is really starting to love being Creative Director/Fashion Personality for Red Carpet Concierge. DONT WORRY, asha says, "UR Supermodels -1st love! My segment name has even finally grown on me, 'It Happens with Asha,' lol." she says.

click on 'see more' by the yelp image for full story:

asha w/sandy- founder & president of red carpet concierge- here at the shedd aquarium for YELP.com event. image by "celeb photog" steve starr :) mali jewelry 4 the borrowed necklace that eve. mention "it happens w/asha" 4 a discount- priced at $490. wrap by impressioni clothing $65