January 29, 2010

URSM's Fashion Yelena Goes 2 Sears.com? Ty SKINSTINCT CHICAGO

SKINSTINCT joins Sears.com as of 2 wks ago! It was not in the original plan for our partnered organic store, BUT you never know who your target audience is- AND "go where business goes!" All you fashion moguls who may be unaware, Sears.com is clicked on as much as Amazon.com :)

Our fashion model Yelena (seen doing commercial) for the brand was used in the first group of tees to be forwarded to the website. When you work for growing companies who believe in branding, your image can be recycled (no pun intended, ha) a MILLION times over for repeat exposure!

Thank you Skinstinct Chicago- they have 3 locations- Water Tower Place, Uptown, & The Lake View neighborhoods. http://www.skinstinct.com/ The current open page shows Yelena & UR print model, Simon Bolin.

sears.com link: http://www.sears.com/shc/s/s_10153_12605_Clothing_Juniors_Graphic+Tees?keyword=skinstinct&sLevel=2&sLevel=1