January 19, 2010

UR SuperModels Makes Australia's Fashion Chosen Creative Services- International

UR SuperModels continues to be requested AND noticed by international clients- yippie! Most larger companies have separate divisions/offices for this, but we are thrilled the world is seeing us there already.

We are honored to be added by The Frock Fashion website in Australia. UR SuperModels definitely has created a name in a short time for assisting emerging designers get amazing exposure, opportunity AND development (even at the novice level). It takes a LOT of time - especially with fewer resources than the heavily man-powered or invested companies, but with faith, and persistence, hard work takes notice.

Thank you to our continued astonishing UR Artists team of hair, makeup, designers, photographers, stylists in training, and graphics.

Check out the cool things Frock does. http://www.frockfashion.com.au/

Just a couple months ago, UR was also acknowledged on http://www.noblivity.com/ a similar concept site based here in Illinois.